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Insurance Coverage for Dentures:

At Legacy Denture Clinic, we want to help you gain the maximum benefits from your insurance plan. We accept numerous insurance plans and we will do our best to assist you in estimating how much your insurance will cover. 

Based upon your treatment plan, we will happily submit your paperwork for authorization before treatment to determine what portion of your treatment will be covered by your insurance company.

We will provide you with an estimate based on information given to us by you and your insurance company. 

First Nations Insurance coverage:

As of September 2019 new insurance coverage rules apply. This means:

** 100 % coverage for most denture services

** quick preauthorizations

** new dentures are covered 100 % every 5 years

** rebase (refit) of dentures are covered 100% every 2 years

Once we have completed an exam and received a preauthorization we are happy to collect on your behalf from your insurance company.

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